Naples Personal Training’s Kevin Chiddister Completes THIRTIETH Obstacle Race


Naples, FL, October 15, 2018 — Kevin Chiddister believes life is about overcoming obstacles. Lots of them! On October 13, Kevin completed his THIRTIETH obstacle race. Kevin, all 5’4” of him, faced off against obstacles five times his height over a ten-mile course at the Tough Mudder Race in  Bartow, FL. 

Kevin, a personal trainer and former collegiate wrestler, started obstacle racing almost by accident. “I did my first race 8 years ago as a way to inspire a group of clients in my beach fitness class,” Kevin explains. “It seemed like it might be fun, and different enough to get everyone psyched up. I never expected I’d love it as much as I do.” This Bartow event will be Kevin’s ninth Tough Mudder race. He’s done the Savage Race ten times, Spartan Race five times, and a smattering of other events…adding up to 30. Next is number 31!

Always a competitive athlete, Kevin had no idea what to expect from an obstacle race. “The first thing that strikes you is just how big some of the obstacles are,” Kevin says. “Some absolutely require you work with others to get through, over, or past them.” The team concept fits well with Kevin’s philosophies as a trainer. “Fitness is a team experience. That’s what makes it fun and memorable,” he says. His beach fitness class no longer meets at the beach, but that group still competes in obstacle events together. Enduring friendships have been forged in the mud and grit—and maybe a little more mud—of years of Tough Mudders and Spartan Races. As a group, they do pretty well, too, usually finishing in the top 10%. 


Preparing for an obstacle race can be as tough as the race itself. As a personal trainer, Kevin recommends mixing strength, power, and endurance, focusing on the large muscle groups. “The mental game is really where you succeed or fail in something like Tough Mudder,” Kevin advises. “Many people quit when it gets difficult or the obstacle looks too hard, too tall, or too mean.” Racing with a group of friends helps a competitor push through the difficult patches. Each little victory along the way adds up to a final win when you reach the finish line. 


Kevin’s family is supportive of his pursuit. His wife, Esther, is a distance runner who has done a few obstacle events. “Kevin loves them, and I am proud of his determination,” she says. “I think it will inspire our son as he gets older to see his dad battling it out on all of these muddy, difficult courses.” 

Kevin is inspiring and prolific: race number 31 is November 10th in Date City. 

Kevin Chiddister is an Indiana Native who has called Southwest Florida home for a decade. He is a certified personal trainer and owner of Naples Personal Training.