At Naples Personal Training, we offer our clients specialty Physical Therapy programs focusing on the prevention, rehabilitation, and maintenance of industrial, personal, and athletic injuries.  The mission of the specialty programs is to provide quality rehabilitation to our patients, in order to achieve their maximum physical potential.

Each client works with an individually tailored program.  Guided by a dedicated professional, patients achieve recovery and independence in their everyday lives.

Concierge Physical Therapy

Expect the best: get the best. With concierge physical therapy, you have direct access to Dr. Giamarino, Dr. Mann, Dr. Mongillo or Dave Lessard, PT, CPT, for consultations, questions about your care, and assistance with seeking other healthcare providers — consider us your primary care physical therapist! We provide orthopedic, geriatric, and/or neurological licensed concierge physical therapy.
Excellence in care for patients with low-back pain, total joint replacements, neuro-degenerative conditions, and sports medicine. Why spend $20-$60 in co-pays, 2-3 times a week, for 6-8 weeks, and be treated by a therapist who is seeing 2 other patients at the same time? At NPT, we are certain that the teams’ thorough examination, evidenced-based treatments, and individualized care will return you to your mobility level quickly, which may save you money and time. Insurance is not accepted and Medicare patients cannot opt-out. Please call for rates and program details, (239) 597-2370. FL PT License: PT30442

Adapt Program

In addition to superior personal training programs, NPT offers A Doctor Assessed Personal Training (ADAPT) Program. The ADAPT program allows a client the reassurance and optimization of their goals by having a Doctor of Physical Therapy consulting with their personal trainer.

This program is best for you if you desire one or all of the following:

1. To have the reassurance of having a Doctor involved with your care
2. To stay in shape in spite of having medical issues/concerns
3. To continue your progress from physical therapy

What You Will Receive:

  • One (1) consultative visit with our Doctor of Physical Therapy in which we will discuss your medical/rehabilitation history and perform a physical exam.
  • The Doctor of Physical Therapy will then consult with our staff of personal trainers to develop a safe and effective exercise program customized for your individual needs.
  • Personal training sessions with one of our premier personal trainers. You may choose to have as little as 3 or as many as 18 sessions with one of our personal trainers.
  • Periodic supervision and availability of brief “check-ups” with the Doctor of Physical Therapy regarding your exercise plan and goals.
  • Final review of your exercises by either one of our personal trainers or Doctor of Physical Therapy to ensure you are comfortable with becoming a safe, life-long exerciser!

Program Cost

The cost is the same as our Personal Training package rates, plus a one-time-payment of $125.

A Doctor Assessed Personal Training Program (ADAPT) was designed here at NPT to aid our clients in adapting to their transition from rehabilitation with any physical therapist to exercise maintenance. Often physical therapy clients have completed their course of rehabilitation and upon discharge struggle to continue their exercise program, have not met all of their goals, and/or have been cut short due to insurance reasons. Furthermore, some clients have had medical setbacks or complexities that do not warrant insurance-based rehabilitation. They struggle adapting from the medicalized world and society. We at Naples Personal Training offer this unique program to help our clients with this adaptation. The ADAPT Program offers the client a level of continual reassurance and expertise not found with any local health clubs or personal training outfits.


Adapt Program

$95 total
3-11 Sessions: $85
12 Sessions: $960 ($80 per session)
18 Sessions: $1350 total ($75 per session)
$100 total

Concierge Physical Therapy

$125 total
Single Session: $150
5+ miles from NPT $175

Available at: