Power Over Parkinson's

The doctorally-trained Physical Therapists and our Exercise Specialists at Naples Personal Training have researched the current literature and best practices among Parkinson’s researchers and wellness clinics and put together our own program to combat the advance of the disease. We’ve combined the best of non-contact boxing, t’ai chi, strength training, and yoga into our own Power over Parkinsons program that reflects the healthy lifestyle we always promote at Naples Personal Training. Our program will help with strength, balance, coordination, gait, and flexibility—necessary for a fit lifestyle regardless of your medical situation.

Our Power over Parkinson’s classes at Naples Personal Training will provide you the opportunities to be part of a positive group dedicated to controlling and, ideally, improving your life.


Raquet Fitness

If you’re like most people you decided it’s time to make a change and get your body in better condition so you can play better tennis or pickleball. Our team of Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers and Trainers have developed a program for injury prevention as well as prepare your conditioning for sport.

UFIT! Total Body

With the emphasis on total body strength and conditioning, UFIT! will have you building muscle and getting toned in a fun and engaging environment. Each Training session is guaranteed to get your heart-pounding, during the 50 minute, sweat-dripping workout.

Golf Fitness

Join Gene Giamarino, Naples Personal Training Level 3 Golf Fitness Instructor and Doctor of Physical Therapy to help improve your game. Each class Gene will breakdown the body mechanics of the golf swing and provide exercises to promote an efficient and reproducible swing.


Stretch and Restore

This traditional form of yoga focuses on breathing, flexibility and balance. Yoga can help slow down the effects of the aging process by maintaining muscle flexibility, encouraging relaxation, and strengthening muscles and joints.