Ed Brunswick

“For several years I have been a participant at Naples Personal Training. What I like is the availability of the equipment all of the time. You don’t stand behind someone waiting to finish their routine. The staff is extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. My trainer knows of several of my ailments and went to his training records to figure out the best procedure for me. It is not a “cookie-cutter” place. Each person is assigned a specific trainer to work with you and you receive your own personal schedule depending on your needs and wants.

You work hard but there are light moments also because of the camaraderie that develops between the staff and the “customers.”

Naples Personal Training is like having your own fitness center with undivided attention from the staff and your personal accomplishments are recorded and you work to exceed them each session.”

Bill and Christine Kriss

“The environment feels like you are meeting up with several good friends for a good workout. We walk in and everyone has a smile and says “Hi”, or has a comment about the progress. It is like having a whole team of trainers!
The training provided emphasizes the synergy between body and brain. Training is varied often to keep interest sharp and workouts enjoyable. Conversations while training explain the proper alignment and why the workout is valuable to meeting the goals in the plan.”

Sarah H.

“The Naples Personal Training Center is excellent if you are looking for a clean, intimate facility that caters to it s clients with one-on-one care. I am a frequent visitor to the Mission Square complex as Dunkin Donuts in the morning for coffee is often a stop before work and noticed this facility. My dad visits Naples a few months out of the year and is an avid golfer. He has been complaining of feeling stiff and sore after a day on the course. I recommended he give Naples Personal Training a try to improve his golf game and his flexibility. The staff was great at working on his individual needs as a golfer. His most improved areas were flexibility and strength. He is planning to continue his sessions when he makes his trip down to Naples again this winter! Thanks Naples Personal Training Staff!”

Beverly Craft

“My prior training, exercise and fitness program was weight resistance training, so changing Personal Fitness Trainers and style of workout was a huge step I wasn’t sure I would like. I am so happy to say Training, Fitness, and Exercise with my Personal Trainer at Naples Personal Training, has exceeded my expectations. I feel stronger and my flexibility and balance are better, which has improved my golf game. My trainer changes up the routine so I’m never bored while training and working out stays a challenge.”

Laura Coleman

“The team are experts on the complete physiology of fitness. For the baby-boomer crowd, it’s important to work with someone who knows what they’re doing to avoid being sidelined with workout injuries or wasting your time on exercises that aren’t bringing enough benefit. All the team members are also friendly and easy to work with.”

Sharon Hood

“The staff have diligently customized a program for my needs, taking into account challenges present from previous injuries. For this reason, I am confident that I can trust them to push me without risking injury. And the individualized attention they provide allows me to excel at my pace. I highly recommend Naples Personal Training!”

Debbie Frankel

“I have been extremely happy working out at Naples Personal Training. The facility is not just a gym, but a personal training studio. The staff is positive, friendly and very supportive.
There is a wide variety of equipment and all of it is state of the art. Workout sessions are by appointment, so I don’t have to negotiate a crowd or wait for equipment.
Both the center and equipment in it are very clean. Programs are designed for each individual’s specific needs and goals. My Naples Personal Training workouts have resulted in significant relief with joint and muscle discomfort.”

Caroline Cederquist, MD

“I am a physician specialized in nutrition and metabolism. Many of my patients want and need to start an exercise program but are limited by orthopedic issues like osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and many have artificial joints. I want them to be able to exercise safely and to avoid injury. I have referred many patients to the Naples Personal Training center. They have been very pleased with the professionalism of Dr. Wells and the team at NPT and most importantly, have been pleased with their results. They gain strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness along with their toning and weight loss goals.”

Pierre and Fran

“We searched for a full-service facility with experienced, qualified professionals who could provide customized training for a couple in their 60s seeking to maintain a fitness level for optimal health in their retirement years. Naples Personal Training met and exceeded our criteria and we thoroughly enjoyed our sessions with Jarret during our month’s stay. Jarret quickly ascertained our current fitness levels and created an achievable and flexible program which challenged and improved our strength and endurance capacities on a weekly basis. Each of Jarret’s sessions involved new and fun ways of ensuring a total body workout while respecting our individual capacity and safeguarding against injuries. We highly recommend Sean and his team of expert trainers and intend to renew our relationship on an annual basis.”

Bill Craft

“Our Naples Personal Training sessions include multiple balance exercises as well as core strengthening and flexibility exercises. My golf game has improved since I can stay balanced and swing through the ball. I gained 20 yards off the tee!”

Howard Frankel

“I’m not really sure how to begin to convey my appreciation, admiration and respect for the trainers and therapists under the leadership at Naples Personal Training. Having previously worked with trainers at other facilities both locally and up north, I can say without hesitation that this practice is second to none. The center provides a relaxed and congenial atmosphere to focus on my particular fitness goals and has been instrumental in helping me rehab from my own self-induced injuries. I consider myself fortunate to work out at a center that provides not only great fitness trainers, but also has physical therapists on staff that can assess my limitations, and create a workout program that maximizes my goals, while minimizing the risk of injury. Personally, I can’t imagine working out anywhere else.”