Our bodies take a beating during workouts. Muscles fatigue, and they can break down if you go from one to another without adequate recovery. While stretching after exercise is better than nothing, our recovery-focused classes and treatments will incorporate foam rolling, yoga, light weight lifting and ground movement. These classes allow individuals to work on restoring and repairing muscle to avoid injury or overuse. It also allows the body and mind to slow down, which is a nice way to balance out high-intensity workouts.

Duration: 50 mins
Location: Naples Personal Training


Certified Personal Trainer, Owner NPT

Kevin Chiddister was born & raised in Fremont, Indiana. He lived in Fort Myers, Fl for several years before deciding Naples, Fl was the place he would like to call home and set down roots. In 2008, Kevin became a certified personal trainer with the ACE (American Council on Exercise), & received a degree in Exercise Science.

After being Director of Operations for Anytime Fitness for several years and helping 100’s of clients achieve their fitness goals. He left the corporate environment and started his own business Xtreme-Fit with Kevin, where he trained clients at Colliers Reserve, The Quarry, Worthington, Sterling Oaks, Quail West and many other country clubs in Lee and Collier County. After working at Naples Personal Training for 5 years he had the opportunity to purchase the business. “My goal has always been to own my own facility and make a difference in community”. Kevin’s training methods are practical, efficient, and extremely effective in helping clients of any background to get into the best physical condition possible by Working Out Smarter not Harder.

Throughout his life he has played sports & been a very active individual, but still felt he lacked the proper knowledge to get to his fitness goals. Kevin was plagued with constant plateaus & multiple injuries from playing sports during his teenage years. Since becoming a personal trainer, he has overcome many obstacles and achieved both personal fitness goals he has set for himself and his clients over the years. Kevin has made it his mission to help as many people as he can.

In his free time, he enjoys hiking, gulf swims, snorkeling, baseball, obstacle course racing, playing beach volleyball, frisbee with friends, and all the amazing things Southwest Florida has to offer.

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