Monday- Total Body 6:00 pm

Tuesday- TRX 5:00pm

Wednesday- Total Body 6:00pm

Thursday- HIIT 5:00 pm

Saturday- Recovery 11:00am

UFIT! is a group fitness community full of ENERGY, HARDWORK and FUN! With the emphasis on strength, conditioning and recovery, UFIT! will have you building muscle and getting toned in a fun and engaging environment.
Each training session is guaranteed to get your heart-pounding, during the 50 minute, sweat-dripping workout. UFIT! offers the quality and variety of a personal training session at a fraction of the price. Training sessions are limited in size so you never have to fight for space or equipment. Our knowledgeable Exercise Specialist ensure you push yourself safely and get a great workout.

UFIT! will use kettlebells, dumbbells, treadmills, monster bands and other equipment to incorporate an intense workout of both strength and conditioning. Our workouts change daily and are formulated to ensure a balanced training routine, so for every session you attend, you know you are getting a complete workout emphasizing upper or lower body.

Why should you give UFIT! a try?

UFIT! is a great value! Members get personalized attention in a group fitness setting.

Get Real Results!

Small class size! We cap our sessions at 20, so everyone gets personalized attention from a Exercise Specialist

Training sessions are balanced! Strength and Conditioning are combined to get you the best workout possible.

It’s Fun. Workouts change daily, so you won’t get bored!

Our team environment. Join our Facebook community and make new friends.

What makes us different?

We are the most academically dense training staff in the industry. We constantly work to collaborate with each other and other professionals in health and wellness, hence providing the best exercise programming for our clients.

We believe that every human thrives through movement. That greatness is only attained through our service to other. We live by example and hold ourselves to the highest of standards. We are committed to changing the lives of those we work with. At our core we strive to increase the lives of our community through smart, active, energetic movement.

First Class Free

$20 Drop In

$150/ 10 Classes